The University of New Mexico on iTunes U

iTunes U provides access to more than 200,000 educational audio and video lectures, language lessons, audiobooks, podcasts - all available free from the iTunes Store.

The University of New Mexico on iTunes U includes both a public site offering courses and faculty lectures available from iTunes U in the iTunes Store and an access-restricted site for the The University of New Mexico community for course-based materials.

With The University of New Mexico on iTunes U, you have access to educational content anytime and anywhere.

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For Mac or Windows, iTunes is required to access iTunes U. For mobile devices, iOS is required.
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Getting Started

Many people enjoy Apple iTunes to organize and play their favorite music and videos. With UNM on iTunes U, you can also add various education-related recordings from the University of New Mexico to your personal iTunes library. You can then use the familiar iTunes Store interface to create custom playlists, sync to your iPad, iPod, other computing devices, burn CDs and share your downloaded UNM-related content with your network.

iTunes U on a Desktop (Mac & Windows)

  1. Download iTunes for your Mac or Windows computer from Apple.
  2. Open the installer and follow its instructions.
  3. Restart your computer (if required) and launch iTunes.
  4. Select iTunes U in the iTunes Store and find The University of New Mexico under "Universities & Colleges".

iTunes U on an iOS Device (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

  1. Download the iTunes U app here or via the App Store on your device.
  2. Open the iTunes U app and select Catalog.
  3. Select Browse and navigate to The University of New Mexico under "Higher Ed".

Tips for finding Content and Getting Organized

The Search box in the top right-hand corner of the iTunes Store (Desktop) window will search the entire iTunes Store, including content from University of New Mexico. If you wish to search just the University of New Mexico content (of "collection"), use the Power Search feature within iTunes Store and enter "University of New Mexico" or "UNM" as the institution.

For more help using iTunes, please visit Apple's Support Page.


Will I have to pay to access University of New Mexico on iTunes U?
No. You may freely preview and download all of the content from University of New Mexico on iTunes U, all content on iTunes U is available free of charge.
How do I access University of New Mexico on iTunes U?
Refer to the Getting Started guide above.
Is the University of New Mexico on iTunes content under copyright protection?
While we do not implement any digital rights management (DRM) for University of New Mexico on iTunes content, we do use University of New Mexico University copyright releases to protect each piece of content on the site. We are continually working with the University of New Mexico General Counsel’s Office and Apple’s legal team to develop an integrated solution for copyright protection of University of New Mexico on iTunes digital content.
What are podcasts?
Podcasts are typically a listing of audio, videos, PDFs, or any other media. Most podcasts can be thought of as episodes of a radio program (like This American Life). The word podcast comes from the combination of iPod (pod) and broadcast (cast).
Where in iTunes is the content I downloaded from University of New Mexico on iTunes U?
You will find any downloaded content from iTunes U under a section labeled "iTunes U" on the same pane as your Music, Apps, Playlists, etc.
Do I have to use iTunes and Apple products to have access?
For Mac and Windows users, iTunes U content can be downloaded and viewed in iTunes While content must be downloaded with iTunes, once it is downloaded, you can play it on any player that can handle audio (AAC, MP3) or video files (MP4, M4V). For mobile platforms, iTunes U is only available on iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad).
Why did University of New Mexico and Apple collaborate on this project?

iTunes U was initiated at Stanford University in 2004 and has grown to include over 800 public and private institutions. Leadership at UNM made the decision to support bringing students, faculty, staff, researchers, alumni and interested folks closer to UNM educational content and signed an agreement with Apple.

The project has proven to be a great fit between University of New Mexico and Apple. Apple provides us with an intuitive and broad-scale method for distribution, as well as the storage and bandwidth for our content.

How do we create our own iTunes U site?
E-mail us, or fill out the contribute form.
Why did University of New Mexico choose to implement AAC encoding?
AAC has better sound quality and smaller file sizes than .mp3. You may use either iTunes or Quicktime for Windows to play .mp4 AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) files in addition to a number of other open source and shareware players that can be downloaded from the web. In addition, there are a growing number of portable devices that can play AAC files.
Can I use other .mp3 players with iTunes?

There is moderate support in iTunes for some third-party .mp3 players, but they will not be able to play .mp4 AAC files (including content purchased from the iTunes Store). Apple offers a full line of iPod products and accessories which will give you the best digital experience. Otherwise, you may enjoy our content on a computer or a CD, or you may convert the AAC files.

To re-encode the AAC (.mp4) files into the .mp3 format, first download the content into your iTunes application. Second, in the iTunes preferences, click the Advanced icon and navigate to the Importing tab. Next, select MP3 Encoder in the import using menu. Finally, highlight the file(s) that you wish to convert, go to the Advanced menu, and click Convert Selection to .mp3.

Is there any documentation required for the content I post on iTunes U?
We require that you submit a copy of a Media Release and/or Speaker Release Form and keep one for your records.
I am an UNM alumnus interested in contributing content; whom should I contact?

Please mail a CD/DVD sample of your work to:
University of New Mexico on iTunes U
1 The University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

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